Cameron's Violin Workshop will be closed

Dec. 15th ~ 18th!

Bows require special care and handling to perform their best. I have spent many years rehairing and servicing bows of all types.

My focus is the servicing of instruments and bows in order to maximize the potential of all instruments.

Expert Repairs and Restoration

Years of experience will make sure your instrument is handled carefully, finely tuned and meticulously repaired  

Our shop custom crafts and builds new instruments of  exacting design and finish.  Each instrument is carefully built, from the finest wood selection to the glowing varnish.

Designing and Crafting Handmade Violins

Precision Bow Work

Sam's Strings - Katy TX


​Grand Rapids Violins - Grand Rapids, MI


Located in the Heart of Buckhead

​​​​​Cameron's Violin Workshop

​My Instruments are Available from these fine Retailers!